How to Grow Lashes Fast – Not only hair, but also eyelashes often fall out. The causes of eyelash loss are of course various, ranging from the effects of using makeup, natural factors, and not infrequently it is also caused by the use of extension lashes.

How to Grow Lashes Fast

When the lashes fall out, it will affect your overall appearance. What is significant is the appearance of the eyes that are not expressive. Then, is there a way to grow lashes that is sure to work and in a short time? Check out the following method for How to Grow Lashes Fast.

  1. Use serum

You can use a serum to stimulate lash growth. The content of eyelash serum is usually enriched with active ingredients which are useful to help accelerate lash growth. By wearing it regularly, the lashes will grow, get stronger, and get thicker.

  1. Use olive oil

If you prefer natural ingredients, then using olive oil can be an alternative. Olive oil is rich in essential and antioxidant properties. This content will strengthen lashes and stimulate their growth. Use regularly on lashes for optimal results.

  1. Use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly hydrates lashes well. When you want to treat your lashes and help them grow, then apply petroleum jelly every night before going to bed regularly.

  1. Take vitamin E

Vitamin E is also effective in helping to strengthen and accelerate the growth of hair and lashes. So in addition to relying on treatments from the outside, you can also maximize growth and nutrition from within.

  1. Avoid using waterproof mascara

When doing the process to optimize lash growth, try not to use waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara has the potential to cause lashes to break and fall out. So, use ordinary mascara that is easy to clean.

With the five ways above, the lashes will be thicker and longer. Maybe with the information above about How to Grow Eyelashes Fast, if your eyelashes fall out instantly, it would be nice for you to use the method above and hopefully the method above can help you to grow your hair loss.

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